Frequently Asked Questions

AEII Critical Backup System is a comprehensive data protection system. AEII offers an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution to ensure that important business and personal data is protected and is readily available when needed.

Low Cost With Robust Features

AEII Critical Backup Services offers complete protection to critical data, and is the best value for the money solution available in the market. Unlike other products, AEII offers all the core features that users NEED without having them to pay for some “nice-to- have” features which will never be used.

Multiple Levels of Protection

AEII offers more protection than similar solutions in the market by providing an added level of assurance. Leveraging on Cloud Replication, backed up data is replicated up to 10 versions and secured over the Google Cloud Storage Platform. Businesses can thus be protected from computer virus attacks, fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, etc.

Easy to Use in Any Environment

The user interface of our client software, AEII Critical Backup System (CBS) is cleanly laid out to maximize user-friendliness. Furthermore, the different versions available are designed to run on different platforms and all share the same interface design, which makes life much easier for system administrators who manage a heterogeneous environment.

Stable and Proven Technology

Unlike conventional backup approach, AEII Critical Backup System automatically backs up data on schedule, thus eliminating the error-prone human interaction. Data is encrypted and compressed before transmitting to the offsite backup server through a 128-bit encrypted channel.

AEII – A Reputable Brand Name That You Can Trust

The AEII Critical Backup Core Engine is a proven solution with deployments worldwide. Supported by over 1,500 partners spanning across all continents of the world, AEII offers the trusted solution in safeguarding critical data.

Extensive Data Protection Coverage for Businesses

It is a common practice at the work place to store business data on personal computers instead of on the centralized server since it is undoubtedly more convenient for users. However, such practice exposes businesses to the risks of data loss.

With AEII Critical Backup System (CBS), desktop documents across the organization can be backed up seamlessly, periodically and automatically through a centralization process AEII will implement and review annually.

In Case of Data Loss … AEII is There for Your Business

In case of a data loss, other backup solutions require you to navigate the restoration process to return your data, not AEII. We are there every step of the way as part of our value with every subscription.

Ten days of data versions are saved as well as 30 days for any deleted file, you may later need, but have accidently deleted. Our data backup plans are based on total data storage, so you can choose the paln that is right for your business needs.