Product Information

AEII Critical Backup Service is the online storage solution preferred by small business users, laptop users, and other individuals for automatic off-site storage of important information. The service protects the valuable information on your computer from hardware failure, theft, natural disaster or human error.

Forget about trying to keep track of your tapes, floppy disks, Zip cartridges, or CD-ROMS. With this service, you know your data is safe and secure, and you don’t have to remember to backup! we remember for you.

Critical Backup Service is Protection Made Simple

To simplify your service, we add some new tools to your computer. When the application is installed, you will see a new icon in your desktop tray called the AEII Critical Backup Service (CBS). You will also be able to take advantage of new features added by right-clicking this new icon.

Customize your Schedule

The program will automatically run everyday. You can change the schedule by opening the program in your windows tray and just change the schedule… Simple.

File Versioning Creates Added Safety

The service maintains up to 10 versions of your files !

Never worry again that you accidentally saved over a file you didn’t mean to. As long as you are backing up regularly with this service your last version is safe and sound ready to be restored.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

CBS compresses and encrypts your files at the scheduled times you’ve selected and automatically connects to the Internet using your network or dial-up connection. After every backup you will get a message e-mailed to you notifying you that your files are backed up and protected.

If you need help … don’t worry.

AEII is a leading expert with today’s technology. We can set up everything using remote desktop connections and ensure your critical data is all protected. If you ever have a loss, we are there to assist you in its recovery.

Let us assist you with reducing this unnecessary risk.